A parallel reality

Today it has not even been necessary to leave the bivouac to discover, even a little more, the secrecy that exists in Arabia. It was only necessary to receive Rudi García, coach of Al Nassr (the team for which Cristiano Ronaldo has just signed), in a bivouac full of curiosity that he could only half satisfy her. The team’s press officer entered the journalists’ area. First vetoed questions related to football news (it was based on holding international press conferences every three days) and It was only worth talking about the Dakar.

After much insistence, the press department he rewarded us with a question and that should be enough for a group of people who, precisely, move to know any detail. Something that has always been possible in the camp. The moment you stop to think is when you really realize that the Dakar and its bubble are a parallel reality to everything that happens outside its enclosure. The camp breathes a lifestyle completely identical to what we know in Spain, but outside of it, there is a reality that continues to make great differences, which we will continue to learn about over the next week. Because 12 days after being here, it is still possible to be surprised.

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