A Palestinian child died due to fear of Israeli bombardment

Beit Al-Maqdis: A small Palestinian child has died due to the fear of Israel’s terrible bombardment on Gaza.

Foreign media reports that a child named Tamim Daoud was suffering from a heart condition. He is among the martyrs who died in Israeli brutality. More than forty Palestinians were also injured in the actions of the Zionist forces.

Dawood Tamim’s mother told her harrowing story to local media that her five-year-old son was doing well and was on his way to recovery. He was going to school when he had a panic attack.Tamim Dawood, the 5-year-old Palestinian boy who died of a panic attack during an Israeli air strike on Gaza.  (Screengrab)The grief-stricken mother of Nadhal Tamim said that when Gaza was heavily attacked by the Zionist forces on Tuesday evening, Dawood had a severe panic attack, he was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctors treated him. I shifted, after a night of life and death struggle, Dawood left us crying on Wednesday.

According to a foreign media report, the doctors said that Dawood’s heart could not bear the fear.

It should be noted that more than 40 Palestinians have been martyred so far as a result of the Israeli aggression that has been going on for the past one week.

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