Oman: A Pakistani woman living in Jordan was overjoyed when she found out that she had thousands of dinars in her account.

According to the foreign news agency, Azra Qudsia, an elderly Jordanian woman of Pakistani origin, fed up with poverty and destitution, reached out to government agencies for help and asked for help, but she found out that there was a good amount of money in her account. ۔

The woman herself was astonished at the presence of money in the account and was overjoyed.

Lady Azar Qudsia was unaware that pension money had been accumulating in her account since 2008 and now she had a huge amount in her account.

Azra Qudsia came from Pakistan to Jordan in the ’70s to work in a hospital where she continued to serve as a midwife in a hospital and volunteered after retiring. It was hard to do.

After her retirement, the Jordanian government granted citizenship to the elderly woman in recognition of her 50 years of service, but Azra Qudsia did not know that her pension was coming into her bank account every month. Did not know

Two days ago, he contacted officials in Jordan’s Al-Mufraq province and asked for help. He wrote in the petition that now I am living a life of retirement and due to ill health I do not dare to work anymore so help should be provided for livelihood.

After the submission of the application, it was revealed that her pension has been coming into her account regularly every month since 2008 and now that amount is enough for her to live a very good life.

Authorities told the elderly woman that she had 45,000 Jordanian dinars in her account.


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