A one-year-old illegal immigrant has crossed the Mediterranean to Italy alone

Rome: A one-year-old boy, abandoned by his parents in the Roman navy, has arrived on an Italian island.

Published in the Italian daily newspaper Reports According to the report, the one-year-old boy was boarded by his parents in a boat carrying refugees to the Mediterranean.

The boat, carrying more than 500 foreign migrants, arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa two days ago, and was taken into police custody and transferred to a safety center for questioning.

The daily says that the boat carrying migrants trying to enter Italy illegally reached this place via 7 islands.

Passengers on the boat told security forces they knew nothing about the child and his parents, nor did they know his name.

Rescue volunteers took the child into custody and transported him to a hospital, where doctors declared his condition out of danger.

One of the migrants on the boat said that the parents had asked all the passengers to take special care of the child and protect him.

The MSF believes that the parents may have been prevented from boarding the boat with their son before they handed over their child to the Mediterranean for a better future.


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