Home World A nursing home in Japan “hires” babies to accompany its residents

A nursing home in Japan “hires” babies to accompany its residents

Una casa de ancianos en Japón "contrata" a bebés para acompañar a sus residentes

A nursing home in Japan "hire" babies for an essential job: accompany its residents and make them smile, in exchange for diapers and powdered milk.

The new ones "employees" from the establishment located in Kitakyushu (southwest) must be less than four years old and their parents must sign a contract that stipulates that the children must "go to work when they feel like it".

They can pause "when they are hungry or sleepy"details the contract.

So far, more than 30 families have signed up their babies to accompany more than 100 elderly people, most of them in their 80s, said the facility’s director, Kimie Gondo.

"Just seeing babies makes them smile"he told AFP.

A job advertisement posted on a wall in the establishment says in large letters "We are hiring!" and informs applicants that they will be paid for their services in diapers and powdered milk.

"Babies stay with their mothers all the time. It’s like taking them for a walk in the park"Gondo explains.

The residents seem to be very happy with the new employees, chatting with them and giving them hugs.

"They are very cute, it reminds me of the time when I had babies"a resident told a local television station.

So far, the initiative has had excellent results, according to Gondo. "Some children have great relationships with our residents, such as grandparents and grandchildren"it states.

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