A new Xbox Series S with a better CPU could land as early as 2022 for $ 350

Microsoft is reportedly preparing to unveil an improved version of the Xbox Series S as early as next year. According to Youtuber Moore’s Law is Dead, it would be equipped with an AMD CPU engraved in 6 nm, even based on the RDNA 3 architecture. It would cost 350 dollars, while the current model would be downgraded to 250 dollars. The Xbox Series X would in turn be entitled to its upgrade in 2023.

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It’s not even been a year since the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S were released and already, rumors of new versions are circulating. The Sony console has recently been entitled to a new lighter model, but no change in hardware is to be noted. However, the Japanese firm has already expressed its willingness to modify the components of its machine to overcome the shortage that has raged since last year. Its direct competitor could well have the same idea.

In a video posted on September 8, YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead reveals that Microsoft plans to release a new Xbox Series S in 2022. The main improvement would be in the CPU, this time engraved in 6 nm, against 7 nm for the current one. More powerful than the latter, it would still be based on the RDNA 2 architecture. However, it is not impossible that the manufacturer opts for the RDNA 3, this one being in the process of democratization.

A new, more powerful Xbox Series S at $ 350

It is no coincidence that Microsoft plans to improve the Xbox Series S first rather than its more powerful big sister. Since its release, developers have complained about performance concerns, making it very difficult to optimize games on both platforms. This version could thus solve these problems. From there to saying that the console will be able to display 4K, there is surely a step too ambitious that we will be careful to take. According to Moore’s Law is Dead, this brand new Xbox Series S will be priced 350 dollars.

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The current model will therefore undergo a significant discount by being marketed at 250 dollars. In addition, the Youtubeur predicts that the Xbox Series X will also be entitled to the same fate in 2023. But before celebrating, it’s best to take this information with a grain of salt. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has only given no sign of his willingness to improve his next-gen consoles. Even though this is in his plans, the shortage of components that is hitting consoles hard could well force him to revise his ambitions downwards.

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