Home Business A new record for time spent on social networks in 2022

A new record for time spent on social networks in 2022

A new record for time spent on social networks in 2022

Data.ai, formerly known as App Annie, released its annual overview of app performance trends in 2022. Its 91-page report, looked at various sectors, including social networks. And the observation is clear, the time spent on it last year has reached new heights, as underlined Social Media Today. Total time spent on social media increased 17% year-on-year, now exceeding 2 trillion hours on Android phones in 2022.

First, data.ai highlights the rise of BeReal, which has had a great boom, to meet user demand for a more authentic and simple social media experience. “No social app has added as many new users in the United States in the past five years as BeReal’s 5.3 million in August 2022,” the report said.

Meta and TikTok still in great shape



But the behemoths on the market, Meta (Instagram, Facebook…) and TikTok, also performed well. The latter is the social network that generated the most revenue in 2022, thanks in particular to the possibility for users to make a contribution for the content they appreciate the most. The Snapchat+ subscription also performed well in terms of in-app purchases, while Instagram’s livestream badges, which highlight your comments while streaming, were also relatively successful.

Data.ai also notes that the US has now overtaken Japan and China to become the top spending market for social apps, but the trend is the same in smaller markets as well. “Markets outside of the big three (US, China and Japan) together accounted for just 30% of consumer spending in 2019. tripled during this period. Enough to encourage applications to further develop in-app purchases, as well as the monetization of content creators.


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