A new Erasmus, intimate investigation of class defectors and Dune wants to break the curse

DUNE 2020 by Denis Villeneuve Timothee Chalamet. From the novel by Frank Herbert – Warner Bros. – Legendary Entertainment – Villeneuve Films science fiction (WARNER BROS. – LEGENDARY ENTERTA / COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL VIA AFP)

“Where do the dreams our parents had for us go? This is the question asked by Adrien Naselli, journalist, in his first book: What are your parents doing? Class defectors investigation which is released today at Lattès. The journalist, the son of a bus driver and a secretary, sheds light on the intimate dramas that play out behind the social ascent of children, between resentment and incomprehension. He tells us his story, that of his witnesses and the path of this book.

This is one of the highlights, yet still relatively unknown, of European policy: the speech on the State of the Union. Since 2010, the President of the European Commission has been addressing EU deputies in Strasbourg to take stock of his action and outline the guidelines for the coming year. Ursula Von Der Leyen went through the exercise today and, you will hear, she made a plea for youth and announced the creation of a new Erasmus, dedicated to young people out of school.

It is a literary success which has not yet been successful in the cinema. Well maybe until today. The adaptation of Dune by Denis Villeneuve, notably with Timothée Chalamet, is released today. Lloyd Chéry, journalist specializing in science fiction tells us the story of this film.

Guests: Adrien Naselli, journalist, and Lloyd Chéry, science fiction specialist

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