A new era without a champion

TO Extreme E He had not needed to reach school age to receive the properly progress. The electrical contest, which will celebrate its third anniversary with this new season, has been able to adapt to the needs and progress based on these, to present a new era that, despite evolution, comes with lights and shadows. Although negative news is usually the first to be communicated, the good one is too relevant as to leave it for the end. The new course presents an innovative format with double the excitement looking for more melee battles that from the beginning formed part of the essence of the competition.

If the changes have taken effect for the better, it will be discovered this weekend (March 10-12) at Neom, with the Desert X Prix. Once again, the event in Saudi Arabia will open a season of five double events (the Saudi weekend will be followed by Scotland, Sardinia, a destination to be confirmed, and Chile) where the defending champion will not fight to retain his crown. But your partner will Cristina Gutierrez. The Burgos lose loeb as a couple in the X44 Team and the Frenchman’s position will be inherited by a driver with recognized international success in the world of rallycross. Fraser McConnell, 24-year-old Jamaican, he will be forced to fight for important things since its premiere, but around him he will have other lineups wanting him to pay the price. hazing.

The first of all will be that of Rosberg’s team, after seeing how Hamilton’s structure deprived them on the horn of getting two out of two. The 2021 champions were left without a win in an accumulation of all the misfortunes they had saved until then, and both Kristoffersson and Mikaela want to recover a domain that He also loses another great rival in the fight: Carlos Sainz. In the definitive season to go out and assault the title, after the final podium of the last edition, the Madrid will be relieved by an Ekstrom who will form a couple with Laia in the Acciona Team.

Al Attiyah is left alone

The vertebral fracture that the Spaniard has been dragging since the Dakar keeps him out of the game, at the same time that it leaves Al Attiyah alone within the great references. The Qatari’s debut at Extreme E was far from idyllic, but at the end of the season he said goodbye with a victory for Cupra that makes them dream of everything. The new pilot of the Spanish brand, klara andersson23 years old, warned him: “This season we are going for the title.” And remember, who warns, is not a traitor.

Date X Prix City
March 11-12 X Prix Saudi Arabia neom
May 13-14 X Prix Scotland to confirm
July 8-9 X Prix Italy sardinia
September 16-17 Brazil/United States to confirm
December 2-3 X-Prix Chile antofagasta

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