A New Era: Google’s new policy includes crypto advertising

In 2018, Google banned all crypto-related advertising on its platforms. Whether the ban would be permanent or perhaps reviewable at a later date was not said at the time. The latter appears to be the case as the tech giant has updated its cryptocurrency advertising policies. Advertisers are now allowed to promote blockchain games with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, there are some hooks and eyes.

NFT ads

Google announced the policy change in a blog post. The changes, which will take effect on September 15, are Google’s next step in establishing an open yet regulated approach to blockchain and NFT gaming.

Advertising is only allowed from NFT games, which do not promote gambling-related content, only in the game Sell ​​items such as clothing, weapons, and equipment to improve user experience or advance users in the game.

The advertising policy update also notes that ads for games that allow players to bet or wager their NFTs for rewards, including crypto and other NFTs, are still prohibited.

Any type of “social casino play” that grants users NFTs is also banned from advertising under the new policy. Additionally, NFT games are not allowed to buy ads from Google when promoting real money gambling.

Anything that includes elements of what Google considers “gambling” is subject to additional restrictions and requires companies to acquire gambling licenses or certifications.

The policy change clarifies that Google recognizes the difference between games where the NFTs represent in-game items that playing style improve compared to NFTs, which make gambling mechanics easier for players.

Crypto Policy Google Play

In July, NFT News also reported that Google published new rules for its mobile Google Play Store. Digital assets such as NFTs can now be processed in the applications as long as they do not contain gambling mechanisms and full transparency is given. The sale of in-game items through a so-called ‘loot box’ is therefore not permitted.

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