A new challenge has arisen for the Adani Group

New Delhi: More problems have arisen for the Adani Group caught in the whirlwind of the Hindenburg report by the American research firm.

According to the Indian media report, the opposition party Congress has announced to hold nationwide open rallies against the Adani Group.

The Congress leader says that the nexus of Prime Minister Modi and Adani Group will be exposed in the open rallies.

In these rallies, the Congress will try to convince the public that the important infrastructure of the country is being given in the hands of the Adani group.

The Congress leader said that we have raised the alleged nexus of Adani Group and Modi at every level and have now decided to take it public.

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He said that between 6th and 10th March 2023, there will be a massive protest in front of public banks and LIC offices across the country.

Apart from this, open-air rallies will be held at all district headquarters in the month of March, while a large-scale “Chalu Raj Bhavan” march will be held at the state headquarters on March 13.

It should be noted that Hindenburg had released a 32,000 word report on the Adani Group. The findings of the report included 88 questions.

The report claimed that the Adani Group had been involved in stock manipulation and account fraud for decades.

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