A never-before-seen 3D view of the Titanic revealed thanks to a digital scan

Stranded at some 3,800 meters deep, the Titanic has not yet revealed all its secrets. For the first time, a digital scan has made it possible to fully model the famous ship in 3D, thanks to a mapping of the seabed, reports the BBC.

This innovation makes it possible to overcome the difficulties linked to the imposing size of the liner, which made it impossible to photograph it in its entirety. A seabed mapping company, Magellan Ltd, intervened in the summer of 2022. For more than 200 hours, it scanned the ship in all its dimension and more than 700,000 images were captured.

“Advancing the story of the Titanic”

To adopt the most faithful modeling possible, no square centimeter had to be forgotten, even those where there was only mud, because this was “necessary to fill the spaces” with the other objects, a explained to our colleagues a representative of Magellan Ltd. And the precaution was in order: “We are not authorized to touch anything so as not to damage the wreckage” he confided.

The objective, according to him: “To move the history of the Titanic towards research based on evidence and not on speculation. Already in February, unpublished images of the wreck had been unveiled by the Woods Hole oceanographic institute. They had been taken by the American submarine Alvin and a remote-controlled tool in 1986, more than 70 years after the shipwreck of the liner in 1912 off Newfoundland (Canada). 719 passengers had survived the disaster, 1,500 had died.

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