The diocese of Rome (Italy) expressed its indignation on Tuesday after the publication of a photo showing a Nazi flag on the coffin of a neofascist activist in front of a church in the Italian capital where her funeral took place. The cliché, published by the daily La Repubblica, shows mourners in front of the Church of Santa Lucia and surrounding the coffin covered with a red flag struck with a swastika.

The newspaper specifies that the funeral had been organized Monday for Alessia Augello, member of the neofascist group Forza Nuova and who would have died at 44 years of a deep vein thrombosis.

Fascist greetings at the funeral

Members of Forza Nuova gave the fascist salute during his funeral, according to the same source. The diocese of Rome confirmed for its part that the coffin had been covered by a Nazi flag, which it described as a “horrible symbol incompatible with Christianity”, adding that some of those present shouted and made gestures in connection with it. “This extremist ideology”.

The parish priest, Alessandro Zenobbi, expressed his “deep sadness, disappointment and dismay at what happened, while distancing himself from every word, gesture and symbol used outside the church. “.

Group accused of violent protests in October

Forza Nuova was established in 1997 in the tradition of violent far-right organizations active during the lead years in Italy. Its current leader, Roberto Fiore, 62 years old and father of 11 children, was convicted in the 1980s of a subversive crime and of founding an armed political movement of the extreme right.

The neofascist group is also accused of being at the origin of violent demonstrations in the center of Rome last October, targeting public institutions and the headquarters of a union. According to La Repubblica, police attended the funeral and are investigating.


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