A Muslim police officer in India saved the lives of 80 children, the video went viral

A Muslim police officer in the Indian state of West Bengal foiled an attack by an armed man in a classroom full of children.

According to media reports, in a private school in Malda district, an armed man suddenly entered a class full of children with a gun in one hand and a petrol bomb in the other.

80 children were sitting in the class, which was held hostage by the armed man for a long time. He also threatened to bomb the room.

The police reached the spot and tried to resolve the matter by talking to the armed person but he did not agree. Meanwhile, a brave Muslim police officer DSP Azharuddin managed to catch the accused.

Azharuddin suddenly jumped near the accused and grabbed both his hands while others also came. The children were immediately removed from the class and moved to a safe place.

The video of the scene went viral on social media and everyone thanked the Muslim police officer and praised his bravery.

According to the police, the accused is a mental patient who has been arrested earlier for taking pictures with weapons. Two knives were also recovered from him.

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