A mother used ChatGPT to discover her son’s illness

Would you trust the medical diagnosis of an artificial intelligence? Three years ago, a boy began suffering from severe pain and no doctor could figure out what he had until his mother used ChatGPT.

The American family bought a bouncy castle for their two children during the pandemic, but after a while Alex felt severe pain in his body.

The child was four years old at the time and had severe crises due to this illness, which went so far that he repeatedly started chewing objects. They consulted doctors, but none of them could prove what was the cause of this symptom.

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Courtney, the boy’s mother, thought her little one had teething problems; So he decided to go to the dentist and orthodontist. It was discovered that his palate was very small for the size of his mouth, which may have made it difficult for him to breathe at night.

Specialists installed an expander in his mouth and the situation improved for a while; But after a few months, another cause for concern emerged: Alex wasn’t growing.

ChatGPT finally figured out what he had

The family never imagined Alex’s growing pains would last three years. The strange thing is that none of the 17 doctors who consulted him, from pediatricians to physiotherapists, were able to make an accurate diagnosis about his health condition.

In the middle of the artificial intelligence boom, the mother wanted to do an exercise with ChatGPT and was in for a surprise.

Courtney began writing down all of her son’s symptoms and the results of the MRIs they had done on this platform.

“I went through everything in his notes line by line and entered it into ChatGPT. I said he couldn’t sit with his hands folded. For me, that was a big trigger that something important was wrong,” the woman told Telemundo.

Little by little, the artificial intelligence analyzed the information and finally showed that Alex could be suffering from tethered cord syndrome.

Stanford Children’s Medical Health Hospital explained that this syndrome is a rare neurological disorder in which the spinal cord is connected to neighboring tissues of the spine.

“This prevents the spinal cord from moving to accompany the lengthening of the spine as it grows.” This can lead to nerve damage and severe pain,” the portal says.

The doctors confirmed the diagnosis

The mother wanted to verify this ChatGPT diagnosis and took her son to the doctor again to tell him that she suspected this disease.

In this way, Michigan Head & Spine Institute pediatric neurosurgeon Holly Gilmer took care of the case, looked at the medical history and, reviewing the MRI, verified that the artificial intelligence’s statement was true.

The doctor explained that her colleagues had not noticed Alex’s condition because he had an opening in his back, which is common in this disease, and was completely closed.

«My son doesn’t have a hole. “He has what almost looks like a birthmark on the top of his buttocks, but no one has seen it,” Courtney said.

The story went viral because this mother used ChatGPT and managed to diagnose her son’s condition, which was later confirmed by a specialist doctor.

Alex underwent surgery to correct his condition and relieve his symptoms; Now he is a happy child and constantly plays with his friends after overcoming his severe pain.

Experts have warned that the information provided by these tools is not entirely accurate; They therefore recommend that you always consult a doctor to assess your health status.

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