A more responsible Jesé imposes harsh rules on his girlfriend Aurah Ruiz

The controversial forward has highlighted by some restrictions to his partner that come out in a sweet instant in sports

Jesse He has resurfaced in the national environment after some controversial statements from his girlfriend Aurah ruiz. In detail, the beautiful model has maintained that the forward of the UD Las Palmas He has forbidden him to operate again, highlighting that for him personally it is perfect. However, and beyond his last touch-up, he has described this professional push as an obvious motivation.

Aurah Ruiz has gone to the operating room to perform a liposuction on her hips, while a transfer was made on her buttocks to give them more volume and contour the area. She wants to be regal, and beyond everything she does for him, she has said. Subject that scandalizes when seeing the numbers of the canary, that re affirm the position of Jesé.

Jesé Survivors
Aurah Ruiz Jesé’s wife has had to come out to deny the rumors that put her husband on the reality show Survivors

The new rules for his girlfriend respond to the new version of Jesé, a preponderant player at UD Las Palmas

In the same interview, Aurah Ruiz has said that the operation has been delayed due to issues that are alien to her taste. There has really been a problem of space in the operating room, and although Jesé has asked him to reconsider his position, he ended up winning the vanity. But once that is done, he has declared a ban.

It will not allow further touch-ups. Jesé looks perfect and she smiles. The words of her boyfriend have been real, and in fact she does nothing more than delegate her successes to the emotional stability that comes from having found her better half. The former reality show contestant even believes that performance will improve as the days go by.

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The numbers of this new Jesé make Pepe Mel and his fans excited

Author of 6 goals and 5 assists, Jesé seems to have found his second wind. At only 28 years old, he looks whole and out of all the scandal of his past life. He also seems to have found maturity, the one that gives him being the leader of this project to which he wants to close with the achievement of the promotion.

Vital as emotional stability has manifested before and he agrees with that position. Right now he’s working to bounce back from the latest loss, and keep working to boost his rise in the overall standings to bring at least the playoff crossovers to the end.

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