A mistake of the American woman put them in big trouble!

A mistake of the American woman put her in a big trouble and the passenger boarded the wrong flight and ended up in another country hundreds of miles away from the destination.

According to foreign media, a woman named Beverly Alice Hibberd was supposed to travel by air from Philadelphia to Florida, but when she went to the bathroom after getting her boarding card, the gate of the flight changed and she boarded the wrong plane. This mistake in ignorance landed the woman 900 miles away from her destination in the foreign country of Jamaica.

The woman who regularly travels between the two cities by air, but this is the first time this has happened and what is even more shocking is that the woman did not even have a Jamaican passport.

Talking to the local media, he said that it was not the first time that she was traveling between the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the coastal city of Jacksonville, Florida, but regularly between these two cities, every six weeks. They travel. They don’t even bring their passports as they don’t need it for domestic flights.

Beverly Alice Hibberd said she had back surgery before the flight and could not move as fast as she normally does. When I boarded the plane after a routine procedure on my way back from the bathroom, I had a minor cut on my hand that the first aid crew on board told me to rest after landing in Jamaica. will be

The woman said that she would definitely like to go to Jamaica but right now she is going to Florida where she lives, on which the crew told her that the ship is not going to Florida but to Jamaica and seeing the seriousness on the face of the crew. I was sure they weren’t kidding.

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The flight attendant told Alice Hibberd that there was a last-minute change at the gate, which they realized happened while she was in the restroom. The staff also told them that you are entering another country without a passport and it is wrong to do so.

According to the woman, when the plane landed, the Jamaican authorities, aware of the situation, allowed her to stay in the airbridge and the crew stayed with her until the next flight to Philadelphia took off, and for that she received several Had to wait for hours.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of Frontier Airlines apologized to the affected female passenger for the said incident and said that we sincerely regret that the client boarded the wrong flight and we have apologized to her. We have provided them with a refund and compensation as well as resolved the matter with the airport staff.

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