A military plane is already in Niger to bring the remaining citizens to Spain

A Aerospace Army A330 aircraft It flew this Friday to Niamey International Airport, the capital of Niger, where it has already landed to bring back the Spaniards who want to leave the African country.

Sources indicate this Department of Defenseafter a first group of Spanish citizens were evacuated from Niger yesterday, Thursday, as the security situation worsened following the July 26 coup d’état that overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum.

According to diplomatic sources, more than twenty Spaniards left Niger yesterday. The flight was organized in cooperation with Francid and ended up in Paris. The Spaniards were received in the French capital by the ambassador and the consul and provided with hotel accommodation, since they arrived at dawn and flew into the national territory throughout the day.

More than 70 citizens are expected to be evacuated

Spain plans to evacuate by air just over 70 Spanish nationals who are staying and living in Niger deterioration in securityand even Attacks on diplomatic headquarters.

Spain refused from the outset “strongly” the self-appointment of General Tchiani as President of the National Council for the Preservation of the Fatherland, recognizing no legitimacy other than that of President Mohamed Bazoum.

The Executive, through a statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperationcalled for an immediate return to constitutional order and the normal functioning of the country’s democratic institutions.

Spain, on the other hand, has suspended its bilateral development cooperation with Niger and has called for a return to constitutional order and the release of the democratically elected president.

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