A migrant drowns in a river on the Franco-Spanish border

A migrant died Sunday while trying to cross the Bidasoa river in northern Spain into France. This is the second death of a migrant in three months on this waterway that runs along the Franco-Spanish border near the town of Irún, in the Spanish Basque Country.

“Another man, who tried to cross with him, managed to reach the French coast,” the emergency services of the Spanish Basque Country announced on Twitter, adding that “the Basque police have opened an investigation to find out the identity of that person.” .

At the end of May, a young man from the Ivory Coast, Yaya Karamogo, was found dead after trying to cross the same river to reach Hendaye, on the French side, the mayor of Irún, José Antonio Santano, recalled in a statement.

Spain is one of the main entry points to Europe for migrants, with 16,586 irregular entries in the first seven months of the year, almost 50% more than in the same period last year, according to the latest figures from the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. .

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