A meeting of young and old makers in Niketan

Producers of television dramas of the country have come under one umbrella under this organization ‘Directors Guild Bangladesh’. On Monday, the 22nd anniversary of this organization was celebrated at the central office of the organization in the capital Niketan. The association’s president Anant Hira said that the combination of young and old manufacturers is mainly to strengthen the relationship between the manufacturers.

Leaders and members of directors guild including eminent dramatists Mamunur Rashid, Abul Hayat, Morshedul Islam were present in the event.

At the gathering, Abul Hayat said, ‘There was a time when we had no place to sit. Now that’s done. We made a council. It will not be in that.

have to work It could be producing some directors, producing some artists. Besides, we have to do something so that we can present it in the international arena. That is the success of the organization.

The general secretary of the guild Kamruzzaman Sagar said, ‘The organization mainly works from the place of professionalism of the manufacturers. We are working on ways to make them work properly and make their workplace smooth. Due to the arrival of digital platform, we can spread our works all over the world in a short period of time. It has some limitations. The organization will also work on how to improve them.

He also said that this is the first time that we are celebrating the founding anniversary of the Directors Guild in a glittering event. This is our effort to speed up the activities of the organization.

Directors Guild Bangladesh was established in 2002. Producers Abu Saeed, Anant Hira, Gazi Rakayet, Mustafa Saryar Faruqi, Ghiyas Uddin Salim – these five people dream of establishing an organization.

After that, the organization proceeded through various activities. Currently its membership is 800. Anant Hira is serving as the president for the term 2023-25 ​​and SM Kamruzzaman Sagar is serving as the general secretary for the second term.

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