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A measure to make basketball more “fair”

Euroleague and Eurocup have announced this morning, through the Euroleague website, a measure that concerns both referees and coaches. A challenge by party through the instant replay It is the one that each bench will have, to use in controversial actions or in which they consider that the arbitration has not been correct. Said review may be carried out in 16 different types of actions, with the aim that the arbitration is as fair as possible for the teams involved..

Statement from the EuroLeague

In the most recent sSign of innovation aimed at making the game as fair as possible for the teams of the Basketball Euroleague and their fans, the head coaches of both the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague as of the 7DAYS EuroCup will have the opportunity, starting this season, to contest an arbitration decision during the match. Coaches will be limited to one challenge per party.

There are 16 different types of actions that coaches can challenge through the instant replay system. The head coach will immediately communicate the challenge by turning his finger in the direction of the referees. Once the challenge is issued, the scorer will record the challenge in the protocol. After the referees review the challenge, the result will be signaled on the court.

Among the actions that can be challenged are the values ​​of the baskets (if a shot is two or three points, or if after a free throw the ball has been tipped and must be awarded as a two-point basket); shooting and game clock settings; foul reviews to determine who committed a foul or who should be awarded free throws; physical altercations; and if off-the-ball fouls occurred before a shot was taken. Decisions on out-of-bounds and defensive semicircle offenses, which could normally only be contested in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter or in overtime, attime can be challenged at any time.

The The aim of the referees is to get it right whenever it is humanly possible, and without excessively prolonging the matches, this new challenge opportunity for the coaches will help to get closer to that goal“, he pointed Richard Stokes, Chief Refereeing Director of the Euroleague Basketball.

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