A man sold his mother’s vehicles to pay off debts at a nightclub

A man forged his mother’s signature to sell his luxury vehicles and pay off debts at a nightclub.

Liu Kuei Liang had an extravagant life in Singapore, which led to him overspending at a nightclub and going into debt.

This 33-year-old man reportedly frequently visited locations where he tipped dancers by purchasing sashes and flowers that cost anywhere from $37 to more than $100.

Such was his desperation to pay off the debt that he decided to forge a signature on some vehicle purchase contracts to make it appear that his mother had authorized them.

In this way, this man hoped to sell a luxurious Rolls-Royce Dawn 6.6 V12 and a Mini Cooper SE; So he contacted the Autoart dealer in Singapore to try to close the deal.

Local representative Low Lye Seng agreed that the most luxurious car would sell for about $519,400; while the second vehicle would be worth approximately $96,200.

The man sold his mother's luxury vehicles to pay off his nightclub debts

The man sold his mother’s luxury vehicles to pay off his nightclub debts. Photo: Freepik

In the middle of the trial, Low asked the man about his mother and told him that she was traveling in Taiwan, when in fact she was still in Singapore.

So Liu convinced him that he would ask his mother to sign the documents when she returned, but in reality he forged them.

However, this man did not expect that another representative of the car dealership would ask to contact the woman. She then gave him the number of a friend who posed as her to authorize the sale of the vehicles.

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The mother reported the case to the authorities

In August 2022, everything became clear to the mother and reported the case to the police. She ensured that her son had forged their signatures to sell their vehicles without her consent.

A Singapore court found him guilty of forgery and sentenced him to 12 weeks in prison on March 22.

The Channel News Asia portal reported that the prosecution was asking for between four and six months in prison because this man did everything premeditated to commit this crime.

However, the mother decided to forgive him and got the vehicles returned against payment of compensation.

The truth is that the deal failed because the vehicles were worth much more than estimated.

“The mother has since reconciled with the defendant. She has forgiven the accused and will not ask him to return the bail amount,” said one of the lawyers.

Authorities said the man’s car dealer and mother were victims in the case and a judge sentenced him to 12 weeks in prison as a result.

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