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A man in Russia tried to jump from one building to another in a car and fell

Un hombre en Rusia intentó saltar de un edificio a otro en auto y cayó a una altura de 18 metros

Evgeny Chebotarev, a Russian stuntman and content creator, wanted to jump from one building to another in a van; However, the vehicle’s speed was not sufficient and it eventually fell to a height of 18 meters.

Everything was recorded by multiple cameras recording Evgeny’s new stunt. Usually, this content creator’s maneuvers are a success, but that was not the case.

To jump from one building to another, the influencer used a truck and some improvised ramps. One of them with the curve up so it gains height and another from where it should start.

The two buildings are abandoned and separated by a chasm of about 18 meters. Crossing it was the challenge for Evgeny Chebotarev.

Those who analyzed the videos recorded by the content creator found that the distance the truck could travel between the edge of the building and the ramp wasn’t enough to get the car to “jump”; And boy, weren’t they wrong?

Chebotarev accelerated and eventually crashed the truck into the building where he was about to land. In addition, the car fell from a height of 18 meters and was totaled.

Almost unbelievably, the stuntman was unhurt and got out of the white Lada Niva on his own.

Chebotarev has an Instagram account with more than 650,000 followers, where he uploads all his achievements as a stuntman and personal challenges, such as jumping from one building to another in a car.

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