Home Entertainment A man has developed a machine to block reggaeton on speakers

A man has developed a machine to block reggaeton on speakers

Un hombre creó una máquina para bloquear el reguetón en los altavoces de su vecino; no lo logró, pero sí hizo interferencia

Roni Bandini is an Argentine known on social networks for his unusual inventions. One of his latest creations is a machine that detects Bluetooth speakers playing reggaeton and turns them off.

Although reggaeton is one of the most popular genres of music today, it is not popular with many people as its lyrics and rhythms prove unpleasant to many people.

This was the case with Roni, who decided to use his ingenuity to create a device capable of interrupting when someone is listening to reggaeton through a speaker. His neighbor and the constant reggaeton he listened to motivated him to create this.

The man told how he created the machine that removes reggaeton from the speakers

In his networks, Roni explained that he has trained a type of artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize the songs of this musical genre and turn off the devices that play them.

“I have a neighbor who usually listens to this festive music called reggaeton while he has a huge Bluetooth speaker attached to my wall,” he said on TikTok. “My proposal is called Reggaeton Be Gone and hopefully its purpose is to turn off and even disrupt the speakers.”

Although the original goal was not achieved and the device did not turn off the neighbor’s speaker, it disrupted the connection enough to force the man to move.

“The device didn’t turn off its speaker, but it created so much interference that the neighbor changed location. “It’s definitely not a success, but it’s not a defeat either,” he added.

This new device went viral and there are already many people saying that they would like to have such a device.

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