A man amputated his feet to fake an accident and get insurance

Authorities revealed the story of an American man who amputated his feet by faking a lawnmower accident to then claim insurance.

Officer Torey Thompson learned about the case and his more than 20 years of experience gave him deep concerns about what was happening.

It all was recorded in November 2023, when the Howell County (Missouri) Sheriff’s Office reported an accident in which a man lost his lower extremities.

In his statements, he stated that he was working on his tractor when an incident occurred with the grass cutting machine attached to these vehicles.

The truth is that due to the severity of his injuries, the man had to be transferred to a hospital where he remained hospitalized for several days.

The man injured his foot while trying to apply for insurance in the US.

The man cut off his feet to apply for insurance in the United States. Photo: Freepik

In this way, the authorities could not find the severed feet and everyone began to suspect the case.

“If it had been a pig, it would have been a bloody mess… I’ve seen accidents like this before. “That wasn’t the case,” Thompson told the Springfield News-Leader.

In this way, as part of the investigation, Officer Thompson was able to ensure that the feet were indeed severed, but that it was not an accident.

The man was paraplegic

Upon examination, it was determined that this 60-year-old man was paraplegic and had tourniquets in his legs; This led to the suspicion that someone had helped him after the alleged accident.

This is how authorities discovered that a man had traveled to the small town of Ozark and, with his consent, had severed the man’s feet with an ax.

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However, this macabre scene was part of a plan to deceive the insurance company and get money for his condition.

“It was a poorly executed plan; “I’ve never seen anything like this,” Officer Torey Thompson commented on his discovery.

According to the investigator, the man’s injuries were an initial indication that the versions did not match; because the cuts were completely clean and did not correspond to what a lawnmower could have made.

Officials concluded that the man wanted to defraud the insurance company by cutting off his feet, which did not work due to his health condition, and thus faked an accident with a tractor.

After some time, the relatives also found the severed feet hidden in some tires and handed them over to the police.

The truth is that the man didn’t file the insurance claim like he apparently wanted to, so prosecutors couldn’t file charges against him.

Frustrated by the exhaustion this case represented, the sheriff’s office considered filing a complaint for misleading authorities.

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