A major Russian military offensive forced Ukrainian forces to retreat

Kyiv: Russian forces have launched a major offensive in the Ukrainian city of Severo Donetsk, forcing Ukrainian forces to retreat.

According to the details, Russia-Ukraine war is still intensifying, Russian forces are also shelling various cities of Ukraine.

Russian forces launched a major offensive on Severo Donetsk, forcing Ukrainian forces to retreat, and much of the city has been recaptured by Russia.

Moscow has also stepped up attacks on Ukraine’s food depots, according to the news agency. The Russian strikes are aimed at opening up the Black Sea on its own terms.

According to reports, Russia is ready to take responsibility for the security of ships leaving Ukrainian ports. In this regard, the Russian Foreign Minister has also assured his Turkish counterpart, but Ukraine has categorically rejected Russia’s assurance. Has given

“Most of the city is now under Russian occupation and it is no longer possible to rescue those trapped there. The control of our forces is limited to the outskirts of the city,” Luhansk Governor Serhiy Hedai told reporters. The fighting is still going on, our forces are defending Severo Donetsk.

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