A major attack by the Myanmar Army against the Indian sponsored terrorist organization

Big news came from Myanmar, another neighboring country which is a victim of India’s state terrorism, the Myanmar Army has taken action with modern fighter jets in the border area connected to India.

According to the details released in this regard, the airstrikes targeted the bases of the Chin National Army in Thantlang, according to reports, some camps inside India have also been targeted.

In the attack, there are reports of the death of several terrorists associated with the organization, including women, while several buildings and houses of the Camp Victoria headquarters of the organization were destroyed in the airstrike.

India has allegedly set up training camps on the border of Myanmar on the Mukti Bahini style, Chin National Front has been active since 1988 to spread political instability in Myanmar.

The armed wing of a political organization called the Chin National Front is involved in terrorism, the armed wing known as the Chin National Army is involved in terrorist activities in Myanmar.

The action against the terrorist organization in Myanmar has exposed the face of India, the main enemy of peace in the region. It has been proved that India as a state is the control room of terrorism in the whole of South Asia.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and other countries in the region have already been targeted by Indian terrorism, the government of Myanmar was also fed up and forced to take a big action.

The new face of India’s terrorism has been revealed to the world by Myanmar’s military action, India is using money to provide arms, training and resources to terrorists.

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Some time ago, the British magazine Economist found out the suspicious transactions of 44 Indian banks, these suspicious transactions were allegedly done to finance terrorists.

The issue of India operating terrorist training camps in Assam and Karnataka has also been raised at the international level.
Apart from this, Nepal is also a victim of Indian threats and terrorism on its border, tension and clashes have become normal in the border areas.

It should be noted that in Arunachal Pradesh, India also tried to test its claws with China and the action of Myanmar proved that no country is ready to tolerate Indian bullying in the region.

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