A magnitude 5.7 earthquake triggers alarm in El Salvador

A Magnitude 5.7 earthquake with epicenter in the Pacific Ocean shook this Tuesday El Salvador and Guatemalawhich raises alarm, but No casualties or damagecurrently registered.

Bukele’s country was surprised by the severe earthquake

The earthquake was recorded at 07:53 a.m. local time (13:53 GMT) and its epicenter was south of Los Cóbanos beach in Sonsonate department, 114 km southwest of San Salvador, the Seismology Observatory report said.

With a focal depth of 50 km, the telluric motion was due to the collision of the Cocos and Caribbean plates in the subduction zone of the Pacific Ocean.

“There is no tsunami threat to El Salvador,” the official report said.

Due to its high seismicity originating on the Pacific coast and the dozens of local geological faults resulting from its chain of volcanoes, El Salvador is known as the Valley of Hammocks.

“We are watching. Please remain calm,” President Nayib Bukele wrote in X.

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The earthquake was also felt in parts of Guatemalan territory.


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