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A love beyond the tatami

A love beyond the tatami

For Dulce María Piña, who is considered the best judoka in the history of the Dominican Republic, answering the question about what has been the most special medal in her life is very simple: her daughters.

Lizzy, Luisa Penelope and Omaira, became the most important reason for the immortal of the sport, who began her successful career on the tatami in the late 80s.

“I gave everything for my country, it is the greatest pride for any athlete and my motivation was always to put my flag up high, but with the arrival of my daughters that changed, the sacrifice was double, but the reward was also greater” .

Sweet, laureate and loved by everyone linked to sport and even outside of these tasks, she exchanges any recognition, medal or trophy, for the support of her daughters when she competed.

His first two offspring, Lizzy and Luisa Penelope, witnessed several of his successes in the country and he confesses that he still remembers his harangues in the stands while competing.

“Above the voice of my coach, I always identified the voices of my daughters. Neither second, nor third, we want the first”, recalls Dulce with great emotion.

“Mommy. I love you ”, with this phrase they break the woman with a strong and docile character at the same time, who expresses immense pride in each one for following her in the discipline of judo and also making her own path at a professional level.

Lizzy Jiménez Peña, gold medalist at the 2006 National Sports Games in the 52 kilograms and champion in the free category, with a degree in Social Communication and also a long-time member of the etiquette and protocol team of the Dominican Judo Federation, firmly affirms that his mother has always been his role model.

“Mami is a brave and determined woman, with incomparable courage who has taught us with her example to always fight for our dreams.”

Luisa Penelope, judo instructor at Club Naco and referee, is finishing her medical studies.

He is currently working on his thesis in medicine and as an athlete he was a silver and bronze medalist in the Central American Games, a feat that his mother also accomplished. Luisa, she is also a mother.

Little Aime Loarny was responsible for giving Dulce María the rank of grandmother and maintains that the most beautiful thing about her mother is her heart and the willingness to always be with them.

Omaira Ramírez, her latest offspring, the result of her relationship with Edgar Ramírez, also finished her medical studies at the Pedro Henríquez Ureña University and is one of the most outstanding in the youth category of the national judo team.

“The most beautiful thing is the unconditional support with all of us, her example of strength and perseverance is always in my mind.”

The youngest has been a medalist at the Bolivarian Pan American Games and Youth Pan American Games. The one she got in Cali 2021 was very special because she came in honor of her father Edgar, who had died a year earlier.

message to mothers

About Mother’s Day, the graduate in physical education, mother and grandmother sends a message to all mothers.

“We have to fight for our children, it is the most beautiful thing we can have and they are also our legacy, seeing them accomplished is an inexplicable satisfaction, that is why I feel satisfied with the duty fulfilled and I urge all those who have the opportunity to always watch over the good of their children.”

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