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A lip reading expert supports the accusation for the insults to Vinicius

Washington: The racist insults against Vinicius Jr. are appalling

LaLiga, appearing as a private prosecution in the case opened for the racist insults to Vinícius in Mestalla, has provided the court with an expert report of the reading of the lips of the prosecuted fans with the intention of contradicting what they declared, which they admitted the gestures but not the racist insults.

On May 26, the court number 10 of Valencia opened an investigation into the racist insults that Vinícius denounced that he had received a few days before in the Valencia-Real Madrid match of the 2022/230 League and cited three followers of the club as investigated. de Mestalla – between 18 and 23 years old – who they were identified on the one hand by the player himself and on the other by the camera system of the venue.

Two of those investigated testified last June, while the third did so on Tuesday, although like the other two, he only answered the questions of his lawyers, ignoring those of the prosecutor or the lawyers of the private accusations. : LaLiga, the Royal Spanish Football Federation and Real Madrid, which has appeared as “offended” in recent weeks (it was not when the first statements were made).

The Real Madrid footballer who was the object of the insults is summoned to testify on September 28 and he has been offered the possibility of doing so by videoconference, after the instructor accepted to postpone his statement when he was on vacation abroad.

Sources in the case have informed EFE that the statement of the third defendant has been along the same lines as that of the other two defendants, that is, admitting certain gestures but denying having uttered any insults, as well as any racist motivation.

One of this young man’s lawyers, Manuel Izquierdo, explained to journalists at the end of the statement that his client “did not say anything to Vinícius, but merely reacted to the player’s provocations with a two-second gesture in a match of maximum rivalry”.

“EvidentlyI don’t think his action constitutes a hate crime or racism, it has nothing to do with that. Real Madrid and LaLiga want everything that happened since the arrival of the visiting bus to Mestalla to be judged, but what is seen in court is what happened in the 72nd minute of the match. My client made a gesture, nothing more.”

Likewise, he has been critical of the appearance of Real Madrid. “He appeared not on behalf of Vinícius, but as offended. It is curious because days later there was a real problem of racism with the arrival of the Barcelona Basketball players at the Wizink Center and there he neither appeared nor made a simple institutional statement I insist, this is not a problem of racism.”

On the other hand, this lawyer considers that “Vinícius cares very little about what happened, as shown by the fact that he has postponed his statement. It gives him the importance that this matter really has, which is null.”

Another of the young man’s lawyers who testified on Tuesday, Ramón Igual, has warned about the “disproportion” of the accusation. “That of our defendant was an unfortunate, rude, reprehensible reaction, that will not be denied, but we cannot put a general cause against racism on these boys, as it seems to be intended.”

“We must not confuse soccer with the soccer business. It is notorious that he mediated a provocation by Vinícius, who five minutes before these events was making the gesture of ‘a Segunda’ to Gayá-. He is a type of player that has always existed.”has added this lawyer.

As a private accusation, LaLiga recently presented several videos of Real Madrid’s arrival at Mestalla to the investigating judge that apparently reinforce the thesis of the racist insult towards Vinícius Junior and that could lead to prosecution of the events that also occurred outside the stadium. , on Avenida de Suecia, and in the extension of the investigative proceedings.

Several screenshots are attached to the complaint in which several young people can be identified shouting the onomatopoeia “uh, uh, uh” or chants of “you’re a monkey” and “Vinícius you’re a monkey.”

In this expansion of the complaint, a publication is also attached from the Ultra Yomus Twitter profile in which fans are invited to welcome the team and the investigating judge is told that this group is currently located in the far north, in the same stands where the fans investigated for racist insults were.

It remains to be decided whether this expansion of the complaint is investigated by the same court or if, on the contrary, it is understood that they were made differently and it is referred to another instructor.

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