A left-wing leader’s scolding of Sarkozy for his support for Putin in the war in Ukraine

Nicholas Sarkozy sparked an avalanche of criticism at home and abroad when he said Ukraine should be a “neutral” country and a referendum should be held to back Moscow’s annexation of Crimea. Former President of France He was reviled by leaders of his country such as Françoise Hollande and Lionel Jospin. The latter accused Sarkozy of “serving the interests of an aggressor country”.

“It is serious to see a former President of the French Republic, contrary to his country’s official position, taking on the thesis and serving the country’s interests, attacking a people that we profess to be friends with,” said the former Prime Minister. Jospin in a column published in Le Figaro.

Sarkozy believes that Ukraine should not join the European Union (EU) as it represents a bridge between Russia and Europe. “I don’t understand how this neutrality can be offensive. (Kiev) can simultaneously obtain reliable international security guaranteeshe added in a recent interview. “Negotiations (between Russia and Western Europe) have always been difficult, there have been many misunderstandings throughout our common history.” But despite that fact, we need the Russians and they need us; It is necessary to advance and find exits. “Russia is Europe’s neighbor and will remain so,” said Sarkozy.

Jospin sees the picture differently: “The challenge today is not to say whether Ukraine should one day join the European Union or NATO, but to help this nation remain sovereign and free.” “If what Sarkozy proposes were followed”, the betrayed Ukrainians would not accept it, France would remain isolated and frowned upon in Europe, and Vladimir Putin, comforted by his dreams of power, would only have to look for another prey,” Jospin replies to Sarkozy.

Earlier, former Socialist President François Hollande said Putin had “made war his ideology” by resisting any attempt at negotiations. “I would like to say it again very clearly in front of you, next to you: France does not recognize either the annexation of Ukrainian territories by Russia or the results of the staged elections.”

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