A-Kid returns to stay at the gates of the NXT UK title

As happened in 2020 when he challenged Walter, A-Kid once again touched the greater glory of NXT UK. The 24-year-old from Madrid lost his second chance for the WWE British division title. A-Kid had won the joke two weeks ago in a triple threat and came very confident against Ilja Dragunov, but the Russian ended up imposing in a great fight to continue with the belt. A shame, but with the level shown, more opportunities will come to Spanish.

The match was vibrant and made it clear that A-Kid can talk one-to-one to any of his opponents in NXT UK. Dragunov started surprising with a key. I wanted to take strength from the Spanish in his legs. That was his tactic throughout the fight. The aspirant managed to resist and found his moment. A-Kid had his greatest ally in his legs and speed. Thanks to the speed he managed to reverse situations and with his power in the kicks he put the Russian in trouble. Several times he touched the count of three in his favor (he was also close to the triumph with a mataleón), but no opportunity was culminated. His command of the keys also stood out in Spanish. It is one of his strengths and he proved it again. The lawsuit, very physical and technical, went over twenty minutes. The fatigue was evident, although none of them lost their face to the fight. Everything was resolved with a semi-cast by Dragunov to the leg of A-Kid, the Spanish was touched and the Russian was able to finish him off. He was saved when the worst was going on, with several keys and accounts the Madrilenian had him very, very close. The champion recognized him and shook hands with the applicant as a sign of respect.

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Despite the disappointment over the loss, we shouldn’t take one iota of merit away from what A-Kid is doing in WWE. He is the first Spanish wrestler to be in the largest wrestling company in the world. He has been under contract with NXT UK since the end of 2019 (He had debuted in a tag team lawsuit with Carlos Romo in March of that year) and his rise has been great. The WWE gave him the opportunity, after the return of his British division after the pandemic, to contest the Heritage Cup. The trophy recovered the essence of European wrestling and A-Kid took it. After several defenses, and the dispute of the fight against Walter in between, he lost it. Far from giving up shone in the first NXT UK Iron Man Match. The victory in the duel gave him the option of winning the ticket to contest the title. He sealed it, but could not finish this Thursday. It will do so in the future. No doubt.

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