A key figure in the 2011 Egyptian revolution sentenced to five years in prison

The computer programmer and prominent figure of the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Ala Abdel Fatah, was sentenced this Monday to five years in prison under the charge of “spreading false news”, in a controversial sentence handed down by a special court, which is not appealable and after a trial denounced for lack of basic guarantees. For the same reason, the human rights lawyer Mohamed El Baqer and the blogger Mohamed Ibrahim were sentenced to four years in prison each.

The NGO Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR, for its acronym in English) said in a statement that the trial took place in three sessions, since last October 18, and in those sessions the defense of the accused did not have access to a A copy of the indictment and international observers were not allowed to attend. In the last session, in November, Abdel Fatah and El Baqer exposed before the judge the “cruel circumstances” of their detention and indicated that they were prohibited from reading and playing sports, as detailed by EIPR.

A high-profile activist, Abdel Fatah was one of the main mobilizers of the youth, key in the 2011 revolt that brought about the overthrow of the late dictator Hosni Mubarak. The software developer spent five years in jail until he was released in 2019. But he was arrested again and since 2020 appears on a “list of terrorists” along with other opponents.


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