A hundred rattlesnakes discovered under a house

In early October, nearly 100 rattlesnakes were discovered under the home of a resident of the town of Santa Rosa.

After seeing a few reptiles roaming near her house, the resident contacted the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, an organization specializing in snake capture.

Arrived to the rescue, the director of the association, Al Wolf, did not hide his amazement at the number of invertebrates discovered on the spot. It must be said that after digging for three hours and forty-five minutes, the professional recovered a total of 92 rattlesnakes, namely 59 babies and 22 adults more precisely.

To support this important catch, never observed until then as specified by the expert in reptiles with the San Francisco Chronicle, he had to equip himself with two huge buckets, to separate the small and large.

“I was in there with a flashlight and checked every nook and cranny before I could move forward,” he explained before adding that “it was a lot of physical work for several hours. , which required verifications on several occasions ”.

Snakes that mainly feed on small species such as rodents or birds. The owner of the house, finally quickly understood why she was not bothered by these small animals, especially since the remains of a possum and a cat were also found during the excavations under her house.

The snakes have been released

These reptiles, which usually only bite for protection, have all been released into their natural habitat. However, Al Wolf has indicated that he plans to return to inspect the Santa Rosa home in early spring. Other reptiles at risk of establishing a new home with the resident.

Indeed, it is during this period that the rattlesnakes of the North Pacific appear and reproduce rapidly, since the females lay a dozen eggs at a time.

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