The comedian and actor Gaëtan Matis has raised a lively controversy after making comments with dubious humor on social networks. In an Instagram post published Thursday, October 7, he said he wanted to “book the Bataclan for the evening of November 13, 2015, in order to organize an evening meeting between Eric Zemmour and his audience”.

Many people condemned his remarks after having read it, starting with the polemicist Eric Zemmour, directly targeted by the comedian.

“This ‘humorist’, friend of Yassine Belattar, wants the massacre by jihadists of all those who support me. Which side is the violence on? ”Reacted the essayist

“Apologia for terrorism”, “face of hatred”, “call for massacre” … This afternoon, reactions flared on the social network Twitter, where the hashtag #GaetanMatis is still in the top tweet.

A stand-up figure, the actor is currently showing at the Point Virgule theater in Paris.

“I had thought of the Stade de France”

“It makes a lot of people,” commented one of the comedian’s Facebook followers. “I had thought of the Stade de France, but the attack failed”, joked Gaëtan Matis in response, continuing in a macabre register. Comments since withdrawn.

For his part, MEP Gilbert Collard called for “an exemplary condemnation of this call for massacre”, calling Gaëtan Matis a “horror humorist”.

At midday, Gaëtan Matis had removed the post from his Instagram account.


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