A heartbreaking ending: “We were not prepared”

Oriol Vidal’s smile on Saturday night, just before facing the last stage of a Dakar that seemed to bear his name, turned into helpless tears who suffered firsthand the selfishness of a career that continued to demonstrate its lack of mercy. The Catalan had gone from envisioning retirement to lead the T4 category together with Rokas and a stage that seemed to be in transition, ended up becoming its worst enemy. Three minutes of advantage gave the rally to LLambilles and the breakage of your gimbal he took it from her in the most cruel way.

They lost more than 20 minutes at a stage where they just had to control their lead. They took longer to arrive than expected and the concern to know why, discovered the new winners of the category… although it was not without surprises. It was another Oriol, in this case Mena, with an Eryk Goczal bathed in tears (of joy in his case) the relief of Rokas and Vidal. Although they were not very clear about whether the feat would be possible. They had to repair a shield to complete the link and in an hour, complete 100 kilometers that validated that victory. They finally made it, enjoyed their reward, and were luckier than the other couple who remained wailing at the finish line.

“There were about 50 kilometers to go” told a Vidal who could barely pronounce the words due to frustration, about a break that did not allow them to accelerate or brake and also, he wrecked their car from the inside and began to cause physical damage. So there was no choice but to stop. “After the comeback of the first days (30 minutes) and a hard-fought career with a title to play, We know it can happen, but we weren’t prepared.” confessed the Catalan, after a hard setback that sums up this race: “It’s what the Dakar has”.

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