A hairdresser was arrested because of his bald customers

A hairdresser was arrested by Italian authorities on drug trafficking charges after suspicious behavior towards his customers.

The 55-year-old used to serve supposed clients who aroused the suspicions of investigators because they were mostly “bald” people.

The truth is that officials immediately thought that these people with alopecia did not really need the services of this hair salon.

The Provincial Command of the city of Genoa said that these people did not actually need a haircut and therefore decided to organize a complete surveillance operation to determine the true activity of this hair salon.

“Authorities had noticed strange comings and goings in the shop of the man, owner of a hair salon in the Foce district of Genoa, with even bald people who probably didn’t need a haircut immediately coming in and out,” he said.

Balding clients exposed the barber's illegal activities

Bald customers exposed the hairdresser’s illegal activities. Photo: Freepik

This made it possible to prove that some people entered the store to buy drugs; while others actually took the opportunity to get their beard cut and trimmed.

“Some customers of various ages and professions went to the hair salon with the sole intention of buying narcotics, while others combined the cut with the purchase of one or more doses,” the Genova 24 news portal reported.

Officers searched the store and discovered several cans of drugs, precision scales and packaging materials for hallucinogenic substances.

During the inspection, it was discovered that the hairdressing salon had a type of basement where these products were stored.

In addition, investigators discovered that the hairdresser had made arrangements with inmates at a prison in Genoa.

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The trafficker was transferred to Marassi Prison and his story went viral because his clients’ baldness eventually exposed this hairdresser’s criminal activities.

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