A guard of Queen Elizabeth II trampled on a child: the video that went viral and caused outrage

The video of a Queen Elizabeth II’s Guard Soldier The UK went viral in recent hours and sparked outrage. In the filming you can see how knocked down a child who ran into him on the road near the Tower of London and trampled on him.

The episode took place when the military man was on a foot patrol together with a partner and, in the presence of a group of tourists and onlookers, did not hesitate to kick a child who crossed his path.

“Get away!”, The uniformed man shouted as he rolled over the baby., without stopping the march at any time. Later, it is seen that the little one gets up and is assisted by his mother.

After the facts, a spokesman for the Tower of London expressed his apologies for what happened and assured that the soldier returned moments later to see if the child was okay.

“We are aware of an incident at the Tower of London earlier today during a routine patrol, (the guards) warned the public that a patrol was approaching, but the boy, unfortunately, ran off in front of the soldier unexpectedly“added a UK Army spokesman.

The video, recorded by a passerby who attended the events, quickly went viral and received close to 4 million views in a matter of 24 hours after being broadcast through the social network Tik-Tok.


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