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A good lock to start

A good lock to start

When a coach comes to a team in distress, the first thing is always regain confidence at the defensive level. The first game is key to face the next ones with a certain self-esteem. And if two make their debut in a match, the result is what was seen in the Ciutat. Two teams with a perfect premise: do not make mistakes behind and through tactical concept and effort, leave your door to zero. Not losing for a debuting technician is essential.

A) Yes, Levante and Getafe, the two teams that have conceded the most in the championship (13 goals) they managed to clear their door for the first time this season. One point, finish without major errors and not lose to a direct rival. Passed in the first exam. To win there will be other days.

The first slogan of Pereira and Quique was clear: do not make mistakes in the first minutes. Better to be afraid than ashamed. A) Yes, The Getafe coach came out with a team full of defensive players, in which Maksimovic, for example, did the work of second striker, and Arambarri covered the left band of Levante, where two daggers like Clerc and Morales lived.

The uprising, as the newcomer Pereira announced, took command of operations. That is why, perhaps, his team saw the seams more. The important ones are far from their best… so that they recover it, the Badajoz has arrived. The novelty was Soldier, who entered the eleven at the last minute after Roger’s resignation. The Valencian He had it with his left foot behind a good play on the left by Clerc and Melero. And on the edge of the break, he did not frankly arrive at a good center of Of fruits. He hit bitten and stopped Soria. From Getafe, just a soft and deflected shot from Aleñá and a header from Timor, after a corner.

In the second part, Quique advanced lines and finished with two pure rams: Poveda and Unal. The Turk had it twice in the end. De Frutos had the best for Levante but Soria answered accurately.

Quique: “We still play with a little anxiety”

First sensations: “I think we have maintained a good balance. Perhaps we have lacked success on the occasions we have had. We have conceded little and we have tried, we have had seven or eight occasions. For us it is important.”

Team picture: “I have noticed two teams with a lot of desire to show themselves. The players want to carry the plans to perfection. I have seen two teams with a lot of desire and possibilities. We go to very complicated fields. We are an elite team that has to show that it wants to continue in this competition. “

Outcome: “I think so. We have reduced it to an attack with many arguments. I think that based on our strength we have been able to reduce its potential. It has been difficult for us to recover the ball, but with simple passes we have reached the area. On a number of occasions we have had more. “

Damien: “I was tired, they arrived very fatigued. The game was very intense. If we add the psychological factor, we still play with a little anxiety.” –Luis sancho


Alexander Cantero (57 ‘, Gonzalo Melero), Enes Unal (63 ‘, Sandro), Dario Poveda (76 ‘, Timor), Franquesa (76 ‘, From Fruits), Juan Iglesias (83 ‘, Damián Suárez), Nyom (83 ‘, Aleñá), Dani gomez (91 ‘, Soldier)


Referee: Mario Melero López
VAR Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández
Timor (28 ‘, Yellow) Miramon (38 ‘, Yellow) Mathías Olivera (48 ‘, Yellow) Morales (57 ‘, Yellow) Clerc (63 ‘, Yellow) Arambarri (67 ‘, Yellow

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