A girl who lives with her mother’s body for money.

According to international media, this shocking incident took place in the US state of Kansas, where a woman began to live with her mother’s body for the sake of Payson.

After receiving a complaint, the police searched the house and found the body of the 73-year-old mother wrapped in a newspaper.

The American had kept the body in the house for several months to withdraw money from the accounts, which had caused a lot of dirt in the house.

According to media reports, Gloria Pike’s 73-year-old brother filed a complaint with the police on July 21, 2021, for the disappearance of his sister since August 2020.

Police visited Gloria Pike’s home after receiving reports of her disappearance, but her daughter, Jenny Pike, prevented the police from searching the home and refused to release bank account details.

Police found Jenny’s comments suspicious and, with the help of a bank, verified her account details, which revealed that money had been transferred from Gloria Pike’s account on July 27.

After viewing the account details, the police charged the woman with fraud and issued a search warrant for the home.

Jenny Pike, a 54-year-old daughter, wrapped her mother’s body in newspapers and laid it on the bed, while human waste was strewn around the house.

A search at the home led police to arrest and question Gloria’s daughter, Jenny Pike, and found that the 73-year-old woman had died in late 2020. Hiding to withdraw money from her mother’s accounts.

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