A German magazine named Pope Francis as "the most sexist man in the world"

A German magazine named Pope Francis “the most sexist man of the year” because, although he recognizes him as progressive in aspects such as the fight against climate change, he points out that “He is the head of an apartheid system in which women are second-class people”.

“There are many good things to say about this Pope. When the Italian-born Argentine moved to the Vatican in 2013, he settled not in the magnificent papal apartments, but in the guest house. He wears no red leather shoes or baroque embroidered stoles, but sandals and a simple cassock. He demonstrably rejects pomp and seeks the proximity of the town. And he uses his authority to criticize capitalism, racism, and to save the climate, ”says the Emma magazine publication.

However, the article regrets that the pontiff “has other completely different facets, which are not details but central themes.” “Because this Pope is also the head of an apartheid system in which women are second-class people. Just because of their biological sex, they are servants of pious patrons and clean the floors of churches. They are excluded from the sacraments and ordination, that is, of independent access to God ”, he adds.

In a decree this year, Francis empowered women to occupy the positions of Lectors or Acolytes, Catholic ministries that until now were reserved for men, although in practice there were women who already performed these tasks.

Even in the 21st century, the Vatican is at the head of the oldest and most hermetic society of men in the world. In which it is no coincidence that men who love men feel especially comfortable – the article continues -. And this Pope makes sure it goes on and on. With contempt for women, hidden in idealization. And with sexual violence, ignored for a long time ”.

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The German magazine also remember that Francisco is against abortion and “it is not trying to alleviate the systemic conflict” produced by the underground. “It is launched against desperate and unwanted pregnant women, and those who are next to them. At his general audience in St. Peter’s Square on October 10, 2018, the Pope declared that ‘the evil in the world’ comes from ‘contempt for life’ “, accuses the publication and adds that the Pope “is the main responsible for these illegal abortions. That starts with his demonization of contraception. “

“Because of your fault, your fault, your great fault, we have come to believe that hardly anyone in the Christian world is as responsible for the misery of women and children as you. That is why he more than deserves the title of “the most sexist man alive,” the article concludes.


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