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A galloping Madrid

A galloping Madrid

On the horizon, a galloping Madrid. Currently, it already has two pure bloodbut it is that in 2024 it can incorporate another two to the squad, at the expense of what the summer market dictates (both the present and the one that awaits a year from now). Mbappé and Davies could be added to Vinicius’ vertigo on the wing and to Valverde’s physical superiority in midfield. to end up arriving in the near future. The four of them are among the sixteen fastest footballers in the world (with a special mention for the Frenchman, third in the ranking), and draw a new Madrid, even more physically powerful.

Currently, the most striking player in the squad is the Brazilian, but by no means the fastest. Perhaps it overflows from him, his dribbling and his power invite you to think otherwise. Who can be faster than Vinicius in Madrid? Well there is. According to the specialized website speedsdb.com, Valverde is ahead. Compared to the 35.4 km/h top speed registered by the carioca crack, the Hawk has reached a peak of 36.3 km/h. He is the eighth fastest footballer in the worldbehind Rafael Leão (36.5 km/h), Adama Traoré (36.6 km/h), Dembéle (36.6 km/h), Mudryk (36.63 km/h), Mbappe (37.9 km/h)Darwin Nuñez (38 km/h) and Sven Botman, a Newcastle defender who has come close to 40 km/h (39.21 km/h).

Vinicius is a little further back. He holds the 16th place on the list, tied with Reinildo and two places behind Erling Haaland, in 14. Already behind, players like Achraf (35 km/h), En Nesyri (34.9 km/h) or Marcos Llorente (34.71 km/h), among others. Who is part of the top-10 is another of the wishes of the Chamartín entity: Alfonso Davies. He is ninth (just behind Valverde), having posted a top speed of 36.21km/h.

ranking Player Maximum recorded speed (according to speedsdb.com)
1st S. Botman (Newcastle) 39.21km/h
2nd D. Nunez (Liverpool) 38 km/h
3rd K. Mbappe (PSG) 37.9 km/h
4th Mudryk (Chelsea) 36.63km/h
5th Dembele (Barcelona) 36.6 km/h
5th Adama Traore (Wolverhampton) 36.6 km/h
7th Rafael Leão (Milan) 36.5 km/h
8th Fede Valverde (Real Madrid) 36.3 km/h
9th Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich) 36.21km/h
9th Nuno Tavares (Arsenal) 36.21km/h
11th Garnacho (M. United) 36.20km/h
12th Adeyemi (B. Dortmund) 36.1 km/h
12th Moussa Diaby (B. Leverkusen) 36.1 km/h
14th Erling Haaland (M. City) 36.04km/h
15th Rafael Silva (Benfica) 35.9 km/h
16th Vinicius (Real Madrid) 35.4 km/h

However, Vinicius also exhibits vertigo in other statistics. In the absence of knowing the speed data of the last League (22-23), in the previous one (21-22), the player from São Gonçalo (Brazil) was the second player who traveled the longest distance at over 21 km/h: 32.7 kilometers. A figure only surpassed that course by Álvaro García (33.8 km) and that shows what the sensations allow us to intuit: the supreme capacity that the former Flamengo player has to repeat efforts. Curiously, Fran García was in that top-5, another mainstay that Madrid has incorporated this course and that does nothing but contribute more ‘gas’ to the squad. In that season he accumulated in his legs 31.3 kilometers at more than 21 km/hbehind Iñaki Williams (31.8).

Mendy, forgotten sprinter

Also Mendy reached one of the highest levels that course in terms of speed. With a trademark of 35.2 km/h, he entered, in fact, in the fastest eleven in the championship, together with Valverde. However, after a past season in which injuries deprived him of the continuity that he did enjoy in the previous two years (he added only 2,064 minutes, compared to 2,817 on 21-22 and 3,260 on 20- 21), his name is now raised as one of the possible sales. The club has him, but he is not untouchableso in case of receiving a considerable offer (anyone that comes close to the 48 million euros that Madrid paid to Olympique de Marseille in 2019) the entity would welcome his departure.

Be that as it may, although the white team can now boast of having several pure blood in the squad, he could do it with more reason in the near future, if the arrivals of Mbappé are confirmed (the crystallization of the operation is still inscrutable) and Davies (Madrid has his signing between eyebrows for 2024). Possible reinforcements that bring to the memory of the white fan other great sprinters who are no longer part of the club, such as Cristiano Ronaldo (he ran at 38.6 km/h), Robben (37 km/h) or Bale (36.9 km/h).

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