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A former US general explains why “Ukraine will eventually have to destroy the Kerch Bridge” that connects Russia to Crimea

A former US general explains why “Ukraine will eventually have to destroy the Kerch Bridge” that connects Russia to Crimea

Philip Breedlove, retired U.S. Air Force general and Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces NATO in Europe between 2013 and 2016, has assured that “we have to give.” Ukraine what we ourselves would carry there if we fought. We shouldn’t ask Ukraine to face a world superpower without a team. In his opinion, the US has not yet equipped Ukraine with its most powerful missiles. “We overlooked some shorter-range missile options, and some of them are very precise and very powerful.”

In an interview with Ukrainian media, Breedlove, who is now an honorary professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Sam Nunn School, believes that the West must supply weapons for Ukraine to be superior. “in long-range attacks, air defense and fighter aircraft.” In his opinion, Kiev has not only a very powerful weapon, but rather a set of systems: “They always ask me what the Ukrainians need. And it’s never just one thing. Nothing will change this war. “F-16. What is needed is a weapons complex.”

Specifically, the general calls for Ukraine to be supplied with artillery shells, precision weapons in sufficient quantities and ATACMS missiles (American long-range high-precision missile). “They allow you to attack Russia before it comes into play by marshalling your troops” and building your supply lines and camps. At the end You have to destroy this “Kerch Bridge,” he says, referring to the infrastructure that connects the Crimean peninsula to Russia and through which Russian weapons and military equipment pass on their way to the front. “If we give Ukraine the opportunity to bomb Crimea, Russia will be forced to do so.” “Reconsider its position,” he said.

Destroying the Kerch Bridge will require F-16 aircraft and ATACMS missiles with a high-explosive cluster warhead, Bredlove says. “Ukraine must be able to attack Russia with all its military capabilities and power.” If it doesn’t, it’s because it lacks weapons, and if those weapons don’t arrive, it’s because “I “I think that the West in general and the United States in particular are afraid of providing long-range weapons to Ukraine.” Putin’s reaction.

In his opinion, “the war will end exactly when Western politicians decide. If we give Ukraine what it needs to win, it can and will win.” Breedlove claims so The Ukrainian army “has already strategically defeated Russia north and northwest of Kharkiv, and are making significant progress in the south. If the West gives Ukraine what it needs to win, Ukraine will win. If the West does not give Ukraine what it needs to win, Ukraine will be defeated or forced to accept a peace that gives up more territory at the expense of more soldiers and civilian casualties.”

In the event of Kiev’s defeat, the consequences for the European Union would be immense, he assures: “The collapse of Ukraine would be a huge problem for Europe. Ukraine is an important part of the European economy and, frankly, the world economy, especially when it comes to food and grain.” It is worth remembering that Ukraine is considered the breadbasket of Europe. In addition, Breedlove believes that Putin is already “interfering in the affairs of two other states,” he says, referring to what he calls “Hybrid actions or gray zone actions” in Georgia and Moldova.

The former US military commander believes it is alarming to talk about World War III. “Great thinkers have said that the best way to avoid war is to be prepared for it. And that’s exactly what NATO is doing.” The alliance is committed to deterring Russia from further immoral and illegal actions in Europe, and at the same time she is prepared if he does it again. Therefore, it is important that the alliance continues to train and be prepared to avoid future wars.”

With a view to the NATO conference in Washington this summer, he believes it is important to “take a strong position to give Ukraine a clear path to NATO.”

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