A former British soldier accused of terrorism and leaking secrets escapes from a London jail

London’s Metropolitan Police issued an urgent call for location on Wednesday Daniel Abed Jalifea former British military man accused of terrorism offenses under the Official Secrets Act who has escaped from Wandsworth prison in the south-west of the British capital.

Government sources have informed the news channel Sky news that the defendant, just 21 years old, could have escaped from prison by hiding under a food truck. He would have been working in the Wandsworth kitchens when he took the opportunity to escape from under the vehicle.

Jalife, a former member of the Royal Signals Corps, has been remanded in custody awaiting trial for gathering information “useful to the enemy”.

Wandsworth Prison is one of the largest prisons in all of British territory. The British anti-terror command has already been put on alert and a warning has been sent to all airports and ports in the country.

British media had previously reported on additional security checks at Gatwick Airport. “Additional security measures are currently in place at London Gatwick and other UK airports and ports,” said an airport spokesman.

Heatwick Airport management has also reported increased waiting times due to “extra screening”.

The head of the London Police Counter-Terrorism Squad, Commander Dominic Murphy, has reported that a group of officers are already conducting “full investigations” with a view to locating and arresting Jalife “as soon as possible”.

“The population can also help us,” he added. “I would also like to reassure the public that we have no information to suggest that Jalife poses a threat to the general population and we have no reason to believe that however we advise him to stay away from him,” said he said commander. Murphy.

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