a fight won

a fight won

At the end-of-year meeting, employees, psychoanalysts, travelers and journalists talk about football like never before. Both men and women are drawn by the World Cup triumph, they know perfectly the chain of goals, the ritual of the celebrations. When it is celebrated that another year is leaving and the good expectations for 2023 are verbalized, the theme of the Cup comes out loud and the unique glory of reaching the top of the World Cup tournament.

Before starting to eat, each one exposes the causes of the triumph out loud and then it is given collectively. It is noted that many in the meeting have that vibration for the first time in their lives, others have spent six decades and know what to compete with more than thirty selected who came to Qatar with enthusiasm, discipline and setbacks.

A diner confessed that it was on the balcony where she shouted each one of the National Team’s goals, she said that it was something irrational, unstoppable, that she shared joy with neighbors she had never seen. The hostess pointed out over and over again the play by the Australian midfielder that did not end in a goal thanks to the efforts of Lisandro Martínez. “It was a Maradona move.” Impossible to discuss something with him in a state of shock that already extends days and nights.

The epic of 1986 is recalled, Diego’s plays, Victor Hugo’s story (what planet did you come from) there is talk of the goal with Caniggia’s hair against the Italian goalkeeper, the other goal of the son of the wind against Brazil. Another diner shoots that Diego’s shadow was very strong for Messi and he carried on his legacy in the World Cup in the Middle East.

After the bondiola served to the point, the dances to Croatia are narrated, Di María’s goal after a play at the speed of light between Messi, Julián Álvarez, Mac Allister and Fideo defining in the final of a World Cup. He is astonished at the behavior of the fans from other countries with the albiceleste shirt and so he adds and continues the conversation while the roast is served and there is a pause. Presumably, everything has already been said about the Champion led by Sacaloni and his strategy for victory. The team he put together and the players who were encouraged to give them ownership and became planetary stars (Julián Álvarez, Enzo Martínez, Mc Allister himself). On the table after the toast for the new year begins the icing on the dessert of the victorious and joyful analysis.

The main cause of this achievement is the support of the neighborhood club, the development society, both heirs to the old pasture, sometimes located in front of a road, or in a field or perhaps in a square without grass. Playing until night in the middle of puberty, organizing during adolescence and in many cases having a sports discipline that resulted in this case that they came to play in an elite sport, a discipline that the 26 members of the champion team had without exception.

The spirit that the neighborhood gave and the picados were the base and later, in addition, the practice in the lower ranks was added, the efforts of the family, the failures, the pilgrimage through the clubs, the intercity trips to go to train, get clothes and finally come first. The path was not easy for any of them, but unlike other trades, they were not reproached for their relationship with money, the million-dollar profits, and being light years away from a salary that was not even comfortable. It is known that these are the rules of this planetary world and that they are part of the few who have achieved a goal: dedicate themselves to the game they like the most and not be insulted on social networks and other forms of media harassment.


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