A festival banned in Iran for a poster with an actress not veiled

The film festival which was to be organized next September by the Union Association of Iranian Short Film Directors (Isfa) has been banned by the country’s Minister of Culture. The city of Tehran (Iran) was to host the 13th edition of the event. The authorities ordered that the latter not take place after the choice of an image present on the poster, reports the official news agency Irna.

On this visual, the organizers of the festival which has existed since 2008 had indeed chosen to use the image of the Iranian actress Susan Taslimi not wearing a veil. The photo was taken from the film The Death of Yazdguerdreleased in 1982. It is compulsory for all women in Iran to wear a veil and loose clothing in public.

A law dating from 1983

This measure taken in 1983 concerns both Iranian and foreign women. Women must also comply with this law regardless of their religion. In September 2022, Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian Kurd detained by the country’s vice police had died. The death of the one who was accused of not having respected the dress code had provoked the start of a protest movement on a national scale.

Since then, clashes have caused the death of several hundred Iranian men and women, including law enforcement officers. During a series of demonstrations organized in the fall, thousands of protesters were arrested. The national police recently reinstated patrols aimed at identifying women not wearing the veil in the street and punishing them.

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