Home Entertainment A father has to pay maintenance to his 42-year-old son

A father has to pay maintenance to his 42-year-old son

Un padre tendrá que pagarle pensión a su hijo de 42 años por no haberlo ayudado en su niñez

A father must pay child support to his 42-year-old son after suing him for injuries he suffered during his childhood.

The Judiciary of the State of Mexico decided to rule in favor of this man identified as Juan “N”; who received a pension despite being of age.

The man argued that he had to work from a young age to help his family because the money his mother earned was not enough to cover household expenses.

In the midst of this complex situation, his father never gave him the support he needed. In this way, Juan abandoned his studies and saw his dream of becoming a doctor fail.

Although it may seem unusual, Mexican laws stipulate that adult children are entitled to maintenance as long as they are dedicated to their studies.

The Univisión network explained that Article 4.127 of the Civil Code in Mexico states that when these resources are used for education, adult children are entitled to it.

The father has to pay maintenance for his 42-year-old son. Photo: Freepik

And that was the case with this 42-year-old man who sued his father and will receive a retroactive payment to compensate for the deficiencies he suffered in his childhood.

The judges recognized this right

This is not the first time that the court has given a verdict in similar cases in which alimony lawsuits have been filed.

Last year alone, the Mexican judiciary issued around 495 maintenance decisions not only for older or minor children, but also for disabled children, spouses or caregivers of people with disabilities.

The judicial authorities explained that these types of claims are not limited to minors as they are “discriminatory.”

In addition, his judgment based on the fact that the 42-year-old is currently studying and meets all the requirements.

In this way, this father has to pay this child support, and his case sparked a whole debate about the extent of parents’ responsibility for their children.

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