A fan claims to have been drugged and assaulted during a Rammstein concert

The team of the famous German metal band Rammstein is accused of assault by a fan. On Twitter, the young woman of Irish origin claims to have been drugged and assaulted when the artists were performing in concert in Vilnius (Lithuania) on May 22, reports BFM TV. She explains the course of the evening in several posts.

She says that she had been talking for some time with members of the artists’ entourage. According to her, the latter invited her to a private party which took place before the concert in Vilnius. Then they reserved a VIP seat for her so that she could attend the performance in the best conditions. Fan of the metal band, she accepted the invitation without hesitation and went to the concert.

fuzzy memories

The fan claims to have had a few drinks during the show, without going overboard. However, she would quickly feel bad. She explains that she has no exact memories of the rest of the evening, which leads her to think that she would have been drugged. Also according to her testimony, she would have met Till Lindemann, lead singer of the group, in a small room under the stage during the intermission. But the latter would have been angry when he learned that she did not want to have sex with him.

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She would then have gone to a party organized by Till Lindemann. But from then on, it was impossible for her to remember the rest of the night. The next morning she was said to be vomiting and shaking. She also discovered bruises on her body. She went to the police station to tell her story and undergo tests. No trace of drugs was found in his body.

The group denies

In turmoil since these accusations, Rammstein reacted on Twitter on Sunday. The members of the group denied the facts. “Regarding the allegations circulating on the Internet about Vilnius, we can exclude the possibility that what is claimed took place in our environment,” they wrote. They also explained that they were not aware of “any official investigation into this case”. Police confirmed to Lithuanian media LRT that no complaint had been filed.

On Tuesday, however, the young woman announced that she had spoken for several hours with the Lithuanian police. “They finally took an official statement from me and gave me a reference number,” she shared on social media.

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