A well-known YouTuber who became famous for Minecraft videos is looking to make a lot of money by selling his channel formerly called “SkyDoesMinecraft”.

According to a report by PC Gamer, the owner of the channel in question is Adam Dahlberg, who is currently in serious troubles after his ex-girlfriend in January accused him of assault, sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

The YouTuber disappeared from social media and stopped uploading videos to his Minecraft channel, which has racked up around 4 billion views and reportedly spawned over $8 million in revenue.

Dahlberg is now trying to sell his YouTube channel “Sky Does Everything” in Change of Famewhere potential buyers need to shell out $900,000 to acquire the channel with over 11.2 million subscribers.

The description states that SkyDoesMinecraft plans to remove its content before transferring the channel to its new owner, but the high asking price apparently includes the diamond shaped game button that YouTubers receive as a reward for surpassing the ten million subscriber mark.

However, the success a content creator can have with a YouTube channel purchased from someone else remains highly questionable.


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