A fake Emmanuel Macron traps the Polish president

A fake Emmanuel Macron traps the Polish president

Russian comedians Vovan and Lexus have struck again. They took advantage of the crisis of the missile that fell on the village of Przewodow, in Poland, on November 16, to mount a hoax. And the victim is none other than the Polish President, Andrzej Duda, whom they managed to reach by telephone pretending to be Emmanuel Macron. Thus, as reported by HuffPosta video of the exchange which lasts just over seven minutes, was posted on YouTube on Tuesday.

On this one, we hear the Polish president and his fake French counterpart talking about the said missile, which resulted in the death of two people. On a rather diplomatic tone, Andrzej Duda wonders about the potentially Russian origin of the missile, while affirming above all not wanting to go to war with this country.

The “deception” detected

“Emmanuel, believe me, I am extremely careful and I do not accuse Russia, defends the Polish president. It’s war and I know both sides will blame each other […] Do you think I want war with Russia? No, I don’t want that. Andrzej Duda affirms, moreover, that he does not intend to ask NATO, as article 5 of the Atlantic Treaty allows him, for an armed response.

The Polish presidency posted two tweets afterwards, indicating that the authorities became aware of a possible “trickery” by “the unusual way in which [l’] interlocutor led the discussion”.

And to add: “Our services then took over in cooperation with the agents concerned. Vovan and Lexus have in the past trapped many personalities, including Emmanuel Macron himself, Boris Johnson and Elton John.


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